Denver7 launches 'Our Colorado' to address state's massive growth

We often hear from the community — natives and newcomers — about the tensions surrounding the growth and change happening in Colorado. Some love the growth and look forward to the dynamic new future and opportunities it holds, while others worry about the challenges it brings: more traffic, less affordable housing, disconnection with the area's history.


Denver7 Our Colorado stories will provide coverage on the topics that matter most to you and your families here in our great state, specifically on what is driving growth and how it’s affecting change and impacting your lives day-to-day.


One goal of the Our Colorado segment to give the community a voice amid the change. Listen and engage; tell us whether the momentum is causing strain or gain in your part of town. Together, we'll navigate the growing pains, looking towards the future, without losing sight of the past.


Your Colorado is Our Colorado, and this is our commitment to you.


To provide feedback or suggest an Our Colorado topic, email

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