Organizers Reevaluating Aurora Tragedy Donations

Some Groups Respond To Call For Help From Victims' Families

Organizers with "Aurora Rises" have planned a benefit concert for victims of the Aurora Theater tragedy. The event is set for Saturday, Sept. 1 from 1-6pm at the southwest corner of Iliff Avenue and Chambers Road.

Andrea Barrett is part of "Aurora Rises." She said the group is reevaluating how they will get the money they raise to victims and victims' families.

"We want that money to go to these people," said Barrett.

Another group, "Aurora Rise," is taking over the destination of their donations.

"We're going to try and create our own charity so that way we have control of giving the money directly to the victims and their families," said Jason Farnsworth.

Aurora Rises and Aurora Rise had contributed collections to the Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance. Both groups announced changes after hearing a collective call for help from some of the victims' families who said they were not getting the funds they needed or a voice in what happened with the millions collected on their behalf.

The Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance posted this response online: "100 percent of the donations made to COVA after the Aurora Theater shooting are going directly to the victims."

So far, more than $5 million in donations have been collected for the Aurora Relief Fund, with $350,000 having been distributed to families. Recommendations for how the rest is handled will come from the newly formed 7/20 Relief Committee.

A spokesperson for the 7/20 Relief Committee told 7NEWS that the board, not victims' families, will make the decisions after seeking input from those impacted.

"That money was raised for them they should have that say," said Barrett.

"I think it will all be resolved. I think it's just not happening in a timely fashion where people do need help," said Farnsworth.

In the meantime, Farnsworth and Barrett said their groups are seeking legal advice to determine how they will proceed with distributing collections from their fundraisers to victims.

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