Nudist Accused Of Sex Assault, Drinking Girl's Urine

Girl's Mom Says Cardillo Is Family Friend

A 47-year-old Boulder County man is accused of sexually assaulting an 8-year-old girl and drinking her urine, according to an arrest affidavit released Friday.

Joseph S. Cardillo, of Niwot, Colo., met the girl's mother at a local chapter of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness and they became friends, she told police.

She said she met Cardillo in public places every weekend for the past year so he could take her daughter to his home for sleepovers. It was unclear why she did that.

Even though her daughter has been going to the man's house since June 2006, the mother said she did not know where Cardillo lives and has never been to his home.

The alleged abuse came to light after the Boulder County Department of Social Services began investigating reports about the girl looking "dirty and hungry" all the time. The girl told caseworkers about her alleged relationship with Cardillo, according to an arrest affidavit obtained by 7NEWS.

The girl told deputies she spent weekends with the man, identified as Jamuna, and slept with him in his bedroom, sometimes naked. He was taking baths with her, shared the hot tub with her naked, fondled her chest and genital area, and "tickled" her everywhere, she said.

"Jamuna also massages her with his hands and drinks her urine, as he catches it with his hands while she is using the restroom," the affidavit said.

The girl said he stands in front of her while she pees and "drinks it until there is no more urine coming out" of her.

The girl told a social service caseworker that she wasn't supposed to talk about this because it was a secret.

She also told the deputy about a secret "massager" that Jamuna uses on her.

"The girl described the massager as being small and silver with a cord. She said there is a control that attaches to a cord, which has a little front end that actually massages her private area," the affidavit said. "(The girl) said Jamuna controls it with one hand and holds the front end of this massager with his other hand against her private area."

The girl told the deputy that she likes the high speed of the massager and when Jamuna uses it, he tells her it's a game.

During the interview, the girl drew a picture of the vibrator and a chair next to it, saying that's where she sits and where Jamuna uses the massager on her.

When deputies informed the girl's mother of what the girl said, the mother said that she is aware her 8-year-old daughter spends the night with Cardillo every Saturday.

She said she's known Cardillo for two years and considers him family.

She and Cardillo are both nudists and she "is comfortable with her daughter being nude as long as everyone is comfortable," the woman said.

She said her daughter had told her what was happening, but she emphasized that it was OK as long as everyone is comfortable with it, the affidavit said.

"(The woman) said that his touching of (the girl) would be OK if there was not any force or threats, but the vibrator would not be OK," the affidavit said.

The woman said she thinks the peeing incidents are "weird" but that it was not hurting anyone and she knows other people who drink urine.

She said that her daughter had told her about Cardillo drinking her urine, but when asked if the suspect forced the girl to drink his urine, the girl told her mother no.

"She asked her daughter if she was being asked by Joe to do anything she didn't want to but (the girl) had told her no, so she said she had to respect that," the affidavit said.

Staff at the Blue Sky Bridge child advocacy center where the girl was being cared for said the girl's mother "was having difficulty understanding the seriousness of the allegations as well as the suspect's culpability."

The woman told deputies she would keep a "neutral stance" on what she had been told her daughter said until she hears it directly from her daughter.

During the latter part of the police interview, the woman said she was beginning to sense that her daughter, who was in the next room, was becoming distressed. When asked if she could telepathically know her daughter's feelings, the woman said "not always, but often."

The single mother said she has a degree in English but knows enough psychology to know if her daughter was experiencing trauma.

Cardillo often bought her daughter gifts, including clothes and toys, the woman said. She said Cardillo was an important person in her daughter's life and was concerned about how her daughter would react if she could not see him and might "shut down."

Deputies described the girl as "very bright" but hesitant during the police interviews. Caseworkers said they feel there were other things that occurred that she didn't feel comfortable talking about.

"She said that the man touches her vagina with his hands and has told her not to tell her mother," the affidavit said.

Cardillo was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of sexual assault on a child by a person in position of trust. He is being held under a $100,000 bond at the Boulder County Jail.

He lives in a basement in Niwot, Colo., with another family living above him.

A Google search shows a cached Web page for "Sacred Sex In Colorado" with the name Joseph Cardillo of Niwot. The page links to another page offering "Kama Sutra Treatments."

Cardillo was described by the girl's mother as an "independent contractor" who does some landscaping and who also an inventor.

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