November 12, 2006: Hero Sends Comfort To Soldiers Overseas

Kathy Dean Is A Soldier's Angel

7Everyday hero Kathy Dean sends U.S. troops overseas a little slice of home.

Dean is a Soldier's Angel and has sent more than 3,000 care packages over three years.

Soldier's Angel is a nationwide nonprofit and its goal is to provide comfort to U.S. troops overseas.

"You write them letters, send them care packages, keep in touch with them," said Dean.

Dean knows how appreciative the soldiers are because she has a husband who is a Vietnam veteran and a son who is serving in Iraq.

"Fresh baked cookies -- that's something they miss," she said.

Dean has transformed her basement into a care package assembly line.

"If I find T-shirts on sale, I pick up however many I think I can afford this week," said Dean.

Dean mails her care packages as often as she can.

"Weekly I'd show up at the post office," she said. "They know me by name."

"All of our soldiers need us. They need those letters," said Soldier's Angel Dawn Weitzeil. "But the ones going to the CSH units - the combat support hospitals - they don't have anything, and Kathy makes sure they get them."

The troops are very appreciative.

"I got a letter that said everyday is like Christmas when they get a box or a letter," said Wietzeil.

"Just knowing that someone cares about you is probably the most important thing," said Dean.

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