No More Permits To Be Needed For Concealed Weapons?

Colorado Lawmaker Wants New Gun Rights For Citizens

State Rep. Chris Holbert of Parker wants to get rid of the concealed weapons permit process in Colorado with House bill 1205.

"If you have no criminal background, you ought to be able to carry a concealed weapon for any purpose other than commission of crime," said Holbert.

Hobert said the permit process is tedious and not necessary for people who want to own guns and have a clean record. 7NEWS asked Holbert if the concealed weapons permit was for public safety.

"I think the government can't legislate morality and a person's who's going to commit a violent crime wouldn't apply for a permit first," said Holbert.

Some gun owners agreed the proposed bill, but others said the extra step is likely in the public's best interest.

Keith McCarrell has a concealed weapons permit. He said he went through a certification process first and a thorough background check before applying for the permit.

"I think it's important for people to know how to use their weapon and safety goes along with it," said McCarrell.

He said he realized there were some things he didn't know about the permit law until he took the certification class. He also added that the training process can only help gun owners.

"I think for safety purposes it's a good idea to go through the process and make sure they're well trained to carry a gun," said McCarrell.

"Why would I apply for this when it is a right. It is not a privilege to have or carry a weapon; it is a constitutional right," said Holbert.

House bill 1205 is now in the House Judiciary Committee for review.

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