No Explosives Found On United Plane After Bomb Threat

Plane Moved, Searched

Authorities said no explosives were found after a bomb threat was reported involving a United Airlines plane at Denver International Airport.

The FBI said the bomb threat was called in at 7:30 a.m. Thursday, but officials said they did not know who took the call.

Because the threat had specific information about the flight, officials took the threat very seriously, according to CALL7 Investigator John Ferrugia.

The Transportation Safety Administration initially said passengers were evacuated and the plane was moved from Concourse B to an area next to an airport fire station.

However, TSA then corrected that statement, saying passengers were never on the plane, but they were moved to another area away from the concourse. It's not clear if the passengers and their carry-on luggage were re-screened.

There the plane was searched, but no explosives were found.

There are conflicting reports on the destination of the plane. Initial reports said the plane was scheduled to fly to the east coast and then overseas. DIA officials said United flight 869 was scheduled to fly to San Francisco at 8:10 a.m.

TSA officials said the passengers were put on another airplane for the flight to San Francisco.

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