New App Makes TV Interactive

ConnecTV Launches In Denver Market

ConnecTV is here, and we at Denver's 7 is proud to be a part of this ground-breaking, "second-screen", interactive, companion-viewing experience.

We know that many of you watch TV at your computer, or with your laptop or tablet in your hands. And now with ConnecTV's website and tablet app, you can watch, chat with your friends, and engage with the show and its audience at the same time.

To get started, download the ConnecTV app on your iPad, or install the plugins available for Mac or PC.

When you launch ConnecTV, it will automatically hear the TV program you're watching and then sync your device to showcase content and interactivity targeted for that program.

For instance, if you're watching 7NEWS, you'll see additional local news, weather and traffic information from 7NEWS. If you're watching a sporting event, such as an NFL game, you'll get constant updates on scores, plays and game statistics.

You can learn more about ConnecTV at their website, You can find technical support at

We're excited to be part of the next generation of TV viewing, now that ConnecTV is here!

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