Neighbors Share Chilling Details Of Holmes, His Behavior

Some Say Suspect In Shootings Behaved Oddly

Neighbors offered chilling details about James Holmes and his behavior in the days and hours before the movie theater shootings in Aurora that killed 12 people and injured 58 more.

Yi Zhang, who lives in the same building as Holmes, said he held a door open for him while he was loading a package into his car, hours before the shootings.

"My son and me come back to the apartment and open the rear door and he puts a package just out of the apartment," Zhang said. "So, I open the door for him and I say, "Hey,' but he doesn't answer to me and he looks real unfriendly and just walks forward toward his car and puts a package in the car, maybe around 3 or 4 o'clock."

Zhang said he and his son had encountered Holmes before.

"He never talks to us. Maybe one time, my son just opened the door for him, and he said, 'Thank you,' but that was some months before," Zhang said.

Neighbor Banged On Apartment Door Over Loud Music

Holmes' neighbor thinks Holmes may have tried to lure someone into his booby-trapped apartment to create a diversion during the shooting spree.

The neighbor, Chris Rodriguez, told 7NEWS he and his girlfriend started hearing loud techno music coming from above them at midnight.

"Usually the complex is very quiet, nobody has parties, so that was the first time we actually had a party or a lot of noise at the complex," said Rodriguez.

After about 15 minutes, Rodriguez's girlfriend decided to knock on the door and ask them to turn the music down.

"She went upstairs to the apartment, and she knocked on the door pretty hard, she knocked two or three times and yelled into the door, 'Hey, can you turn that music down, we are trying to sleep,'" said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez said that no one answered and his girlfriend didn't even hear any footsteps. While she was listening at the door, she noticed that the door moved.

"The door moved a little bit, and the handle jiggled a little, and she was contemplating going into the apartment, but something told her don't do it," Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez said his girlfriend then went back to their apartment and called police.

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