Neighbors Concerned Over Deadly Intersection

City Says Intersection Has Been On Its Radar

There is growing concern about what some Denver residents are calling a dangerous, now deadly, intersection.

A pregnant woman was hit at East 29th Avenue and Central Park Boulevard Thursday night. Her unborn baby boy did not survive.

Neighbors said the accident should be a wake-up call for city officials.

"I've had a couple of close calls walking my dogs. Clearly, in light of this tragedy here, it says something needs to be done," said Stapleton resident Michael Cohen.

Central Park Boulevard and East 29th Avenue is an intersection of two boulevards and there are series of four-way stops. Drivers traveling any direction encounter two consecutive stop signs in a short distance.

"It's a design that I think is tough. Having two stop signs right after each other doesn't flow with how people drive a lot. It's not uncommon for us to see one of these stop signs missed," said another resident.

Residents said Stapleton is still growing and that stretch of road is getting busier. There is also an I-70 interchange being built at Central Park Boulevard. Residents said they were concerned the danger would grow.

City officials told 7NEWS the intersection has been on its radar for some time.

"We've been looking at it. The city public works department has been out there at least three times that I'm aware of in the past couple of years," said Denver City Councilman Michael Hancock, who represents the Stapleton district.

Hancock said police have also spent time patrolling the intersection after several neighbors expressed concern about speeding and people running stop signs.

"The trailers have been out there, police with radars have been out there trying to calm it down," he said.

7NEWS asked why nothing has changed.

"If the traffic division has not made a change here, there must be something that's within their standards that says we can't make it," Hancock said. "I will tell you, one, it's an ongoing investigation, and two, the public works department and the police department are looking at this intersection quite thoroughly right now, have been, and certainly we have a sense of urgency right now given the situation that just occurred."