Neighbors: Boy Mauled By Dogs Doing Better

Gregg Jones Jr. Brutally Attacked As He Tried To Get Into Home

Neighbors of a 10-year boy mauled by three dogs in his own back yard said he appears to be doing better.

One neighbor told 7NEWS that Gregg Jones Jr. is in critical but stable condition at Children's Hospital.

On the 911 calls, which were released publicly Thursday, you can hear the panic and the horror as neighbors tried to fight off the dogs as pit bulls continued to gnaw on the boy.

"There are three dogs attacking this little kid! There are three pit bulls, three big dogs attacking him!" said Jerrome Millard on one 911 call.

As dogs barked in the background, Millard told the dispatcher, "Hurry, hurry ... they won't let go. Ma'am, he's not going to last."

Millard called 911 while his sister, Tish, who happens to be in nursing school, ran to help the boy.

"Once we got the dogs away, I elevated his feet so blood could rush to his organs. I was surprised that he could respond to us when we were asking him questions," said Tish Millard.

The Millards and the other neighbors who used a baseball bat and big sticks to fight off the dogs, are being hailed as heroes.

"People keep saying that we did best we could ... but I want him to do the best he can, and if he survives, then I will feel much better," said Jerrome Millard.

The fourth-grader at Yale Elementary was bitten on his head, face, throat, chest, arms and legs.

Tish Millard visited Jones on Thursday at Children's Hospital. She said it was great to see him look so good the day after the brutal attack.

"I got chills because I was doubting myself, 'Maybe if I was a little bit earlier?' But now, seeing him, I was like, 'I did good.' It was good. I think he is going to be OK," said Tish Millard.

Two of the dogs involved in the attack Wednesday remain in quarantine at the Aurora animal shelter. The third was euthanized after being shot by police. Aurora police are continuing to conduct their investigation into the attack and have not determined whether charges would be filed against the child's parents or the owners of the dogs.

The attack came more than a week after the Aurora City Council banned new pit bulls and other fighting dogs.

Despite the mauling, some pit bull owners in Aurora say they will still ask the city to revisit its ban on the dogs.

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