Neighborhood 'Grandpa' Charged With Child Sex Abuse

Police Urge Parents To Talk To Children Who May Have Had Contact

A man known to neighborhood kids as "grandpa" is charged with sexually assaulting several children over a 12-year period in south Aurora, police said Tuesday.

Philbert G. Pargas, 77, was arrested in November, but police are now asking parents of children who may have had contact with him to talk to them Tuesday night.

According to police, Pargas would frequently invite neighborhood children into his house, or take them out for fast-food meals.

Pargas was arrested on Nov. 28, after one alleged victim came forward. During the course of the investigation, a second victim was identified and additional charges were filed against Pargas.

“These victims were between 5-and 10-years-old when it started,” said Shannon Lucy, a detective with the Aurora Police Department.

Lucy said Pargas allegedly molested victims from around 1995 to 2007.

“He would gain the trust of parents,” Lucy added.

During that time, Pargas lived in a home near East Mercer Drive and Reservoir Road, according to police.

“We just knew him as Grandpa, everybody did,” said Don Meyers, who lived near Pargas.

Meyers said many children in the neighborhood routinely spent time at the home where Pargas lived with his daughter.

“There was nothing unusual about the guy; he was friendly, extremely friendly,” Meyers said, shaking his head in disbelief.

Tina Mondragon, who lived next door to Pargas said she was shocked to learn of his arrest.

“I’m scared, I wanted to cry,” Mondragon told 7NEWS.

"Detectives from Aurora's Crimes Against Children Unit are concerned there may be additional unreported victims or witnesses because Philbert Pargas had access to so many neighborhood children and because the abuse went on for such a long period of time," Detective Shannon M. Lucy said in a news release.

Pargas is currently being held on a $100,000 bond, awaiting formal charges of child sexual assault.

According to state documents, Pargas was also arrested in July 1997 for child sexual assault with a pattern of abuse.

Police said they asked anyone with information or concerns regarding Pargas to call Detective Amber Urban at 303-739-6102. For victim support, call the Aurora Victim Services Unit at 303-739-6087.

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