MTV Actor Sentenced For Groping Now Faces Civil Lawsuit

Judge: Vincent Margera Can No Longer Play 'Don Vito,' Nor Sign Autographs

An MTV actor convicted of fondling girls at a local skate park was sentenced to at least 10 years of intensely supervised probation Thursday.

Judge M.J. Menendez told Vincent Margera, "For the next 10 years, you cannot be 'Don Vito.' No autographs."

Margera portrayed 'Don Vito' on the popular "Viva La Bam" series.

"The Don Vito grooming is what brought you to this court room today," Menendez said. "You got a little too excited about 15 minutes of fame."

Margera was at the Woodward Skate Park at Colorado Mills in August 2006, as part of a promotional event, where he was asked to sign a few autographs. That's when he fondled the girls -- on their chests and backside, according to Jefferson County District Attorney spokesperson Pam Russell.

The MTV actor was originally accused of fondling three girls, but was convicted on only two counts of child sex assault.

The mother of one of the victims addressed the court during the sentencing hearing Thursday.

She said of the assault, "It has affected her grades, school life and friendships. Some friends threatened to not be her friends anymore if something happened to Mr. Margera."

Margera did not speak on his own behalf, but through his attorney he apologized for an outburst during his last court appearance.

As the verdict was announced, Margera collapsed on to the floor and yelled, "Just kill me now."

Today, the judge told him that in addition to probation, he must register as a sex offender, complete sex offender treatment, undergo a mental health evaluation and continue treatment for substance abuse.

Margera will be allowed to serve his probation in Pennsylvania, where his family and friends live, if local officials determine that that state has a comparable program.

He will also be allowed to spend Christmas with relatives.

The convicted sex offender is due back in Jefferson County District Court next month on allegations that he violated his bail bond.

He's also facing a civil lawsuit by one of the victims and her parents.

The plaintiff alleges that Margera was intoxicated while signing autographs, and that the shopping center, skate park and property owner "allowed a drunken middle aged man, with a known television persona as a perverted drunk who engages in inappropriate behavior, to sit at a table where teenage and pre-teenage girls were present and seeking his autograph."

That lawsuit also names Woodward Skate Parks, Colorado Mills, Simon Property Group and John Doe (1-10) as defendants.

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