Court releases shooting survivors' diagrams of what happened inside the Aurora theater

Diagrams contain handwritten notes

ARAPAHOE COUNTY, Colo. - Arapahoe County Court released diagrams admitted as evidence during testimony in the Aurora movie theater shooting trial. They show handwritten notes about what several of the survivors saw and experienced inside the theater.

Rita Paulina, who testified Wednesday about being shot inside the theater, notes on her diagram where she was sitting with her husband and son. She was shot in the theater and carried out by her husband along a path noted on the page.

Her diagram also notes where a figure was standing beside the screen.

"Figure holding something/maybe stick + maybe gun held with both hands," a handwritten note says.

DOWNLOAD | Diagrams released by the court Thursday

Chichi Spruel, who testified Wednesday about attending the movie with her husband and victim Jesse Childress, noted where she passed a bloody victim en route to the exit.

Her husband Derick's diagram shows where he saw the flashes of gunfire and approximately where a canister of tear gas landed.

Another member of that group, Munirih Gravelly, drew a similar diagram showing from where the canister was thrown and where it landed.

"Someone yelled to get down... I remember there was gunfire right after the canister exploded, but the movie was still playing," Gravelly said on Wednesday. "I could hear screaming... I heard a lot of people calling other people's names."

Gravelly said she didn't realize she was bleeding and "had holes" in her hand until she got outside.

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