Court plans new dates in theater shooting case as result of delay in second sanity evaluation

CENTENNIAL, Colo. - Attorneys in the Aurora movie theater shooting case are being asked to accept a new start date for the trial.

District Court Judge Carlos Samour issued a notice Wednesday saying that he would like the parties to accept a new pretrial status hearing on Nov. 3, and the start of jury selection for the trial on Dec. 8.

Samour, who is overseeing the trial of accused shooter James Holmes, decided that the previously scheduled trial date had to be delayed when he accepted a delayed due date for the second sanity evaluation of the defendant. Holmes has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity to the charges, but prosecutors objected to the first sanity evaluation and requested the second.

The new psychiatrist performing the second evaluation at Colorado Mental Health Institute at Pueblo was originally scheduled to deliver the new report on August 15, but requested two additional months to complete the job. Because the trial was scheduled to begin on Oct. 14, but the evaluation would not be returned until the next day, jury selection had to be delayed.

In his notice about the new proposed dates, Samour said his new schedule takes into account time for the attorneys to review the new report.

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