Couple that survived Aurora movie theater shooting to marry exactly 1 year after the attack

AURORA, Colo. - A couple who survived being wounded in the movie theater shooting now plan to marry exactly one year after that attack.

Eugene Han and Kirstin Davis were both in the theater on July 20, 2012 for the opening night screening of the latest Batman film. Eighteen minutes into that film, a gunman opened fire.

12 people were killed and 58 others were wounded. Han pulled Davis from her seat to safety but was shot twice, once in the hip and once in the knee. Davis suffered minor injuries that she described as scratches.

“It was his idea actually," Davis said about getting married on July 20, 2013. "He was like, let’s just do it. You know, let’s make it a better day for us."

"Why not make it a better day?" said Han.

The positively-minded couple objects to calling July 20 an "anniversary" until after they are married, saying they want to show people it is alright to move on.

"We were talking about that word 'anniversary.' Honestly, I don't think it should be used for the theater shooting. It's not a good day," said Han.

"Bad things happen but you can keep going," said Davis.

James Holmes faces 166 counts for the theater shooting and his attorney's announced Tuesday that they plan to pursue a "not guilty by reason of insanity defense."

Davis and Han know they can't ignore the legal battle, but have confidence their faith will dictate the future.

“We know one day, you know, God will take care of it," Han said. "So for us, it’s not our decision."

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