That wedding ring found under a ski lift in Vail? It was lost 5 yrs ago by David Brenner

VAIL, Colo. - Thanks to a 7NEWS reader, a man who lost his wedding ring in Vail five years ago is getting it back!

Last week, we posted a story that a wedding ring had been found under a ski lift at Vail.

Vail officials tweeted that the ring had an inscription that said, "All my love, Sue."

7NEWS viewer Heather Brown said she saw the story on our 7NEWS app and sent it to her friend Greg Dorce saying, "You're the only person I know that is married to a Sue."

Greg responded, "My ring is a ten dollar ring purchased in Guatemala. Thanks for the thought!"

However, Greg remembered the text days later when his mortgage broker, David Brenner, mentioned his wife, Sue.

Greg asked David if he ever lost a wedding ring.

David's answer? "Yes, I did."

"I'm a loan officer, I'm a very busy guy, I work 11 to 12 hours a day," David explained. "Even when I’m up skiing, I’m working, so on the ski lift I’m constantly taking off my gloves to return emails and calls."

David said he had no idea the ring had fallen off until the end of the day.

"I pulled off my gloves and said, 'Where’s my ring?'" David told 7NEWS.

David remembered he lost it at a ski resort, but after all these years he forgot where.

When he called his wife Wednesday to ask where it happened, she remembered it was Vail.

"It can't be a coincidence," David told 7NEWS.

David said he pulled up's story on his tablet and then called the writer.

"Unbelievable. That's my ring. It has the same ridges," David said. "What are the chances? Your story did a good thing!"

Vail's original tweet about the ring only mentioned the inscription with Sue's name. It turns out the ring had another inscription that David knew about.

"The date of my wedding is inscribed inside -- June 20, 1982," David said.

Vail confirmed it was David's ring. They admitted they had held back some of the information so they could identify the correct owner.

A few hours later, Vail tweeted the news that the owner of the ring had been found!

David is still amazed.

He wondered, "How can you see a ring five years later? How is not further down in the underbrush?"

Vail officials said the ring was found under the Sourdough Lift by an employee during regular maintenance work.

David and Sue have since replaced the ring, but Vail has offered them a free night's stay to come back and visit and pick up their original wedding ring.

Heather, who sent that original text, was surprised to hear how the story worked out because she knows David, too. He did her mortgage years ago.

"Makes me realize how powerful social media is," Heather said.

"The fact that this guy gets a text while he's in front of me and asks that question; the chances that I ever had mentioned my wife's name; all those things make that, as much to me, as unlikely as the ring ever being found in the first place," said David.

David and Sue said they really consider themselves lucky in love and lucky because they're best friends.

"(Greg) was in my office for an hour and a half with his wife, and if he had gotten that text from his friend two days before or tomorrow, none of this would have happened in the first place," said David.

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