Star Trek turns 50: Check out one Colorado fan's Star Trek-themed mountain home

Posted at 2:15 PM, Sep 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-08 16:33:00-04

GUFFEY, Colo. -- As Star Trek turns 50 on Sept. 8, there are Star Trek fans who own the DVD's, and some who go to conventions, but one fan in Colorado has redesigned his entire home in a Star Trek theme.

"I'm the only one who does stuff like this," explained Steven Nighteagle Doman.

"I built my house once, but when I decided to build it again, I thought I can do this," Doman said of his Star-Trek theme. "I started with one room, the Federation room. Then the next room -- the Klingon room."

Now he has a Federation room, two Klingon rooms, his kitchen has a Star Trek theme and so too does his new 10x28 entry room.

"I just loved sci-fi movies, the B movies. They’re terrible now, but they were cute then," Doman said. "When Star Trek happened, it was just great. They dealt with some of the things we were going through, as a society and a world and the United States."

Doman said when Star Trek started in the 60s, Star Trek helped change opinions and tried to help the universe by telling stories using people on a spaceship in the "future."

"There was the first African-American being kissed on TV," Doman said. "Now they're making [Captain] Sulu gay. This is what they’ve always done with Star Trek."

After Doman moved to Colorado, he missed several TV shows and movies until his niece started sending him VHS copies, then DVDs, now he collects them on Blu-ray.

He says other fans have redone a basement or another room, but "I'm the only one who does stuff like this," Doman said of redesigned his home. "This is for me first, I did this for myself."

He does his design and building during the long winters in the Colorado mountains.

This winter, he plans to work on building a Klingon transporter and redoing a bedroom ceiling.

"I don’t draw all this stuff out, it’s all in my head," Doman said. "Pretty good for a man with learning disabilities."

Doman hasn't let his learning disabilities slow his construction work.

Now he opens his home to some Star Trek fans.

"The Klingon fest is at my house this weekend," Doman said. "Different groups from clubs in Denver visit, Star Trek groups and others. They have a cookout, take pictures, everybody goes through my house."

"This is heaven," Doman said.


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