Mother Of Pit Bull Victim Charged In Attack

Renee Muniz Faces Felony Charge

The mother of 10-year-old Gregg Jones was charged Tuesday in connection with a pit bull attack that left him severely disfigured.

Jones was mauled by pit bulls in his own yard on Nov. 2, and lost an arm as a result of his injuries. Neighbors who heard his screams ran to his rescue and had to fight off the dogs using a bat and large sticks.

Renee Denise Muniz, 38, was charged with felony child abuse resulting in serious bodily injury and misdemeanor reckless child abuse.

The charges were filed by the Arapahoe County District Attorney's Office.

The DA's office requested a $50,000 personal recognizance bond for Muniz.

In addition, the Aurora Police Department said it will issue summons to Danielle Denise Carson, 20, in the same case. She will be cited for unlawful ownership of a dangerous dog and cruelty to animals. Carson is the sister of Gregg Jones.

Four pit bulls, including two of the dogs that were involved in the attack, were removed from the home and are still in Aurora's animal shelter, pending the outcome of the case. The third pit bull involved in the attack was euthanized after a police officer shot at it and wounded it.

The Aurora City Council recently banned new pit bulls and imposed strict requirements on pit bulls already in the city. Animal Care began licensing pit bulls Dec. 1 for $200 and owners must comply with insurance and safety rules.

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