Mother Furious Over Car Seat Controversy On Aspen Flight

Flight Attendant Refused To Let Mother Use Graco Car Seat

A mother who visited Aspen last week is furious with SkyWest Airlines and its partner, United Airlines.

Melissa Bradley told KGO-TV when she put her 11-month old daughter in a rear-facing car seat on the plane, the flight attendant told her the Graco car seat wasn't approved by the FAA.

"He argued with me that it need to be forward facing seat and I explained to him that it was an infant seat and that infant seats face backwards because that's the way they are supposed to be installed," Bradley said.

Bradley said she also showed the flight attendant the sticker on the car seat that said it was FAA approved.

Bradley said the Sky West flight attendant gave her an ultimatum: remove the baby from the car seat and hold her during takeoff or get off the plane.

Bradley said she was nearly in tears worried about the safety of her baby.

United Airlines sent a statement to KGO that said, "Safety is our number one priority. We apologize for the misunderstanding and our partner SkyWest Airlines has spoken with the flight attendant."