Mom Sues Hospital Claiming She Nursed Wrong Baby

Woman Says Nurses At North Suburban Medical Center Handed Her Wrong Girl

A Thornton woman is suing the hospital where she had her daughter, claiming nurses got mixed up and brought her the wrong baby to breastfeed.

Lisa Johnson said it happened last October at North Suburban Medical Center.

Johnson's daughter, Emily, was born with light blonde hair. The new mother said she tried for 10 minutes to breastfeed a baby the nurses thought was hers and was wondering why the baby wouldn't latch on when she finally made a closer inspection.

"And then when the back of the cap was raised up, I could see there was brown hair, and I panicked and took the whole cap off," said Johnson.

"I immediately freaked out and screamed, 'This is not my baby,'" Johnson said. "Then they checked the bracelets and the nurse started to cry and said, 'Oh my God, I can't believe we did this, I'm so sorry."

Johnson demanded to talk to the other baby's mother, Tasaya Reilly.

"I wanted to make sure what they were telling me was the truth," she said.

This little girl was given to the wrong woman, her mother says.

Reilly said the hospital staff told her right away that her baby went to the wrong room but only for 2 to 5 minutes.

"They said your baby was in another room for a short period of time, and I said, 'Was she breast fed?' And they said no, she was only in there for 2 to 5 minutes," Reilly said.

Reilly said the hospital put those statements in writing at her request, but she said only since news of Johnson's lawsuit surfaced did she know what actually happened.

"She may not have been breast fed, but she was attempted to be fed and that is just as much a violation to me if she had breast fed her," Reilly said. "She is irreplaceable and they were careless with her and that is devastating."

Johnson and her husband are suing the hospital, claiming it was negligence. They are asking for unspecified damages. Johnson said she's been traumatized by the event, has been unable to work and has been diagnosed with post traumatic stress syndrome.

The Reillys are also considering a lawsuit.

"It shouldn't have happened, plain and simple. It shouldn't have happened," Johnson said.

North Suburban Medical Center declined to comment on the lawsuit but a spokesman did say the hospital has very strict policies in place to make sure the right babies get to the right mothers. All newborns have identification bracelets that get matched to a chart and to the mother.

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