Mom Defends Man Arrested After Dismembered Body Found

A Colorado mother is defending her 20-year-old son who was arrested after investigators found body parts encased in two concrete-filled buckets.

Jeremiah Raymond Berry of Cortez is being held in the Montezuma County jail on suspcion of murder. His father, 42-year-old Jack Berry, is missing but authorities haven't said whether the dismembered body is his.

Rita Berry -- the mother of Jeremiah and ex-wife of Jack Berry -- said her son isn't a criminal or a serial killer.

She told the Cortez Journal her son has been "put on the spot" and that people may have the wrong impression from the investigation.

"We’ve not retrieved all body parts,” Sheriff Gerald Wallace told the Journal. “There are other parts out there. We’re looking at different ways to identify the body."

The parts were scattered across Montezuma County and a cadaver dog is being used to help look for additional body parts.

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