Mom Breastfeeding At Rockies Game Asked To Stop

Colorado Springs Woman Says She Was Asked To Go To Coors Field Bathroom

A Colorado Springs mother is demanding an apology from the Colorado Rockies after she said she was harassed by several ushers at Coors Field because she was breastfeeding.

Sandra Snow and her family were seated in the nosebleed section during Tuesday's baseball game when she decided to nurse her hungry newborn daughter. She moved to an empty row behind her seat so no one was around. She claims she was fully covered.

"An usher came up to me and told me I needed to do that in the family restroom," said Snow. "I told her, 'I’d be done in a moment and I would come down then.'"

After finishing, Snow said another employee came to her, reiterating that there were family restrooms in the ballpark.

"What I felt was, 'This was offensive to other people and that I needed to take my disgrace to the restroom,'" Snow said. "I'm always careful about covering up and making sure nobody sees anything they don't want to see."

The family was so upset they decided to leave the game early.

“I was shocked this was still an issue in this day and age,” Snow said.

7NEWS checked out the family restroom and found the only place Snow could sit to nurse was on the toilet.

"What other time do we eat and use the restroom? That was not an appropriate area for me to feed a child," Snow said.

Women in Colorado have a legal right to breastfeed in public.

A Rockies spokesman denies that employees took issue with Snow nursing, instead they claim the issue was that she had moved to a row that was closed off. But what isn't clear is, if that was the case, why did the ushers bring up the issue of her nursing.

The Rockies said nursing is allowed in any public area of the ballpark and that employees are trained on the policy.

Snow has e-mailed a complaint to the team and recently posted her story on Facebook.

"That is not their position to say where I feed my child and why I choose to feed her the way I do," Snow said. “I just don’t think I will be going to any more professional baseball games."

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