Michelle Obama Promotes Mentor Program In Denver

First Lady Visits South High After Lunch At Governor's Mansion

First lady Michelle Obama brought her White House leadership and mentoring initiative to the Mile High City Monday.

Her goal is to keep kids in school by stressing the importance of mentoring in education.

Obama had lunch with several national and local women leaders at the Governor's Mansion.

Afterwards, she headed to South High School to visit with 30 students hand picked by their principal and teachers for a question and answer session.

The students asked her questions ranging from “What should you look for in a mentor?” to “What’s the toughest thing about being first lady?”

Mrs. Obama said, “Mentors are people you look up to, like your pastor or your parents.”

She told the students they themselves could be mentors to other students.

“Mentoring was key to my success,” she said. “I’ve always tried to make being accessible to young people a huge part of my own career development because there were people there for me all along the way.”

When asked what it was like to be chosen to visit with the first lady, senior Mostafa Darwish told 7NEWS, “Most of my friends were jealous. They were like, ‘why you, why not me?’”

Fellow senior, Melissa Campos, said, “I was shocked, but really excited.”

“We’re very honored,” said South High principal Stephen Wera. “We’re glad she chose South High School.”

It was the First Lady's first visit to Colorado since she stopped by a peach festival in Palisade over the summer while President Barack Obama was talking about health care changes at a town-hall meeting in Grand Junction.

Michelle Obama visits with a select number of students at South High School.

Women who joined the first lady at the luncheon include actress Susan Sarandon, Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, Labor Secretary Hilda Solis; Christina Romer, Chair of the council of Economic advisors; and EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson.

Michelle Obama said that while her mentoring initiative focuses on girls, “The West Wing, meaning the president, will soon start its own mentoring program for boys.”

The first lady told students that the best advice she could give them is, “Be at school, work hard and don’t let anybody doubt you.”

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