Michael Blagg To Be Extradited In Wife's Murder

Abby, Jennifer Blagg Have Been Missing Since November

Michael Blagg, the husband of the missing woman whose body was found in a landfill on Wednesday, was arrested late last night in Georgia for suspicion of murder.

The arrest occurred hours after dental records confirmed that the mummified body belonged to 34-year-old Jennifer Blagg. She had been shot in the head, officials said.

Michael Blagg was arrested just before 10 p.m. MDT without incident at his mother's home in Warner Robins, Ga. by Warner Robins police officers, said Janet Prell, a spokeswoman for the Mesa County Sheriff's Department.

Blagg faces one count of first-degree murder and is being held on $1 million bond, Prell said. Blagg was at the Houston County Sheriff's Department awaiting extradition to Mesa County, 7NEWS reported.

Michael Blagg's attorney, Stephan Schweissing, told 7NEWS that Blagg had tickets to fly back to Grand Junction Thursday morning, but was arrested before he could return.

Mesa County sheriffs said that they will continue searching the dump for any signs of 6-year-old Abby Blagg, who along with her mother, vanished from their Grand Junction home on Nov. 13.

Michael Blagg had told police that he came home from work that day and discovered his wife and daughter missing and a large pool of blood on the bed in the master bedroom.

Authorities said that the blood belonged to Jennifer Blagg, and because of the amount of blood lost, they feared she was dead. There was no other blood found in the house and no sign of forced entry in the home.

There were some items missing frm the couple's bedroom that lead investigators to suspect foul play, but they would not reveal what the items were.

The family van was parked in the garage when officers were called to the home. When Michael Blagg arrived home from work that afternoon, neighbors said that he parked in front of the house, rather than in the driveway, which was unusual.

Investigators said DNA evidence from the van proved it was likely used to move Abby and Jennifer's bodies.

Last month, authorities began searching the county landfill for the woman and girl after 2,000 volunteers combed through rugged terrain near the Blagg home and found nothing.

Mesa County Sheriff Riecke Claussen said that a backhoe was digging out a section of garbage at about 10:15 a.m. Tuesday when an investigator spotted a leg inside the backhoe's bucket.

The digging was stopped until a coroner arrived and the scene could be sealed.

Investigators found the remainder of Jennifer Blagg's body in the bucket Wednesday after removing other trash.

Michael Blagg moved from Grand Junction on May 15, the day after investigators began rummaging through the landfill.

Searchers had focused in on an area where trash from Ametek Dixson was dumped in November.

Michael Blagg worked for the Ametek Dixson plant when his wife and daughter disappeared.

Blagg was fired from his management job three months after their disappearance, when stolen office equipment was found in his home.

He has steadfastly maintained his innocence in the disappearances but authorities had never ruled him out as a suspect.

According to dispatch reports on the day that Jennifer and Abby disappeared, Micheal Blagg kept a gun in the house.

Claussen would not disclose what type of weapon what used to kill Jennifer Blagg.

Officials fear that Michael Blagg could attempt suicide again.

He had slashed his wrists in February, one day after he was questioned for 10 hours about his wife and daughter's disappearance.

The dump remains closed to allow investigators to expand their search.

Watch 7NEWS for updates.

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