Metro State Student Says Grade Lowered For Breast Pumping

Metro State Drafting New Policy For Nursing Mothers

A Metro State University student said she was punished for leaving class to pump milk. After her complaint, the University has drafted a new policy for nursing students.

Juggling motherhood and Metro State classes, Manige Osowski has her hands full, but it was important to her to breastfeed her 8-month-old daughter, Milo.

This year, she said a professor gave her permission to leave his four-hour class to pump milk, but at the end of the semester, she found out she had been penalized.

"I asked him 'Why is my participation grade so low? I've been here every single day,'" said Osowski. "And he said, 'Well, you made the choice to leave to pump.'"

When she complained to Metro State officials, Osowski said she got no response.

Metro State officials, however, told 7NEWS Reporter Jaclyn Allen that her complaint has prompted them to create a new policy.

"Our new policy specifically says that faculty would not be able to penalize students for having a need such as this," said Steve Monaco, the Health Services Director for the Health Center of Auraria.

The new policy would allow students to take breaks to pump milk in classes longer than two hours without penalty.

Monaco said it will be in place by the fall semester.

Manige said it's probably too late for her because she graduates in the fall, but she said she stood up for future students.

"Unfortunately, a lot of women haven't learned to advocate for themselves, and what they need. Until somebody does it, nobody pays attention," said Osowski.

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