Meteor Brightens Night Sky

Fireball Spotted Across Front Range

Reports are coming in from all around Colorado about a bright object in the sky on Thursday night.

Chris Peterson, astronomer at Cloudbait Observatory in Guffey, Colo., said he is receiving credible reports of a spectacular meteor display.

The celestial spectacle occurred at around 8:43 p.m. Peterson said it happened about 60 to 70 degrees above the horizon, going from a west to east direction. By the trajectory and perceived proximity, Peterson estimated the meteor landed in the eastern part of the state.

The fireball was described as green with a white aura.

Margaret Magill saw the meteor while looking east from Littleton.

"It was a flash of brilliant, white light about the size of a half moon. It went down briefly and then disappeared," she wrote in an e-mail to 7NEWS. She called it, "Great!"

Denver and Aurora emergency crews were sent on several wild goose chases with reports about where the meteor impacted. The reports ranged from Monaco Parkway and Hampden Avenue in Denver, all the way to 32nd Avenue and Airport Way in Aurora, to east of Denver International Airport.

Eyewitness reports came from as far away as Fairplay in Park County, to Estes Park, to Aspen Park in Jefferson County.

DIA spokesman Jeff Green said air traffic controllers have reported heavy meteor activity the past few nights. Green also confirmed it was not an aircraft in distress that was streaking across the sky.

  • If you saw a meteor in the Thursday night sky, report it to the All Sky Network and the Cloudbait Observatory.
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