Men Convicted Of Killing Teen At House Party

Mackenzie Kingry Was Shot In Head

Two men charged with killing a 17-year-old Lakewood girl were found guilty by a Jefferson County jury Wednesday.

The jury found 19-year-old Angelo Emelio Montoya and 21-year-old Dominic Duran guilty in the shooting death of Mackenzie Kingry. Kingry was shot while she was attending a Wheat Ridge party on Oct. 24, 2004.

Testimony at trial reflected that both men came to the party uninvited and when they began harassing girls, the host asked them to leave. When forced to leave, Montoya pulled a handgun and, as he ran from the home to Duran's vehicle, sprayed the home with bullets. Duran fired additional shots at the home as they fled in Duran's vehicle.

Prosecutors said both men fired the same gun at the house.

One of the bullets passed through a bedroom window of the home and hit Kingry in the head, killing her.

According to testimony and court documents, it could not be determined which of the two men had fired the fatal bullet.

Kingry's family and friends hugged after the guilty verdict came down Wednesday afternoon. Kingry was a senior at Wheat Ridge High School and was just days from turning 18.

The men will be sentenced in July and they each face up to 54 years in prison.

Both men were convicted of criminal attempt to commit murder in the first degree with extreme indifference to the value of human life, reckless manslaughter and accessory to murder. Montoya was also convicted of criminally negligent homicide.

Jefferson County District Attorney Scott Storey praised the work of the Wheat Ridge Police Department and the prosecution team for their work in what Storey characterized as "a very difficult case" because it could not be proved which of the two men had fired the fatal shot.

"This is a bittersweet victory because nothing will bring Mackenzie back to her family and friends," Storey said. He called the firing of a weapon at the house "a senseless act resulting in a senseless and tragic death."

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