Man Who Drove Missing Teen Has Past Crimes Against Women

Travis Forbes Denies Involvement In Kenia Monge's Disappearance

A man who gave a ride to a missing 19-year-old Aurora woman has past convictions for hitting a woman jogger with a rock and burglaries where he stole women's panties, according to court records first obtained by The Denver Post .

Travis Forbes, 31, has described himself to reporters as a suspect in the disappearance of Kenia Monge -- yet police have not called him a suspect.

Monge vanished while at a Denver nightclub with friends early on the morning of April 1. She left her purse, car keys and cellphone at the club, police said.

Forbes Says He Gave Teen Ride

Forbes acknowledged encountering Monge on a downtown street the night she disappeared, according to court records. He said she appeared intoxicated and he offered to give her a ride home.

They stopped at a gas station because Monge wanted cigarettes, and Forbes said Monge bummed a cigarette from a man named "Dan" and she then walked off with the man, according to court records.

Police learned of Forbes after he texted Monge's cellphone the evening after she disappeared.

The text message read, "Hey, this is Travis, the guy who gave you a ride last night, white creepy van :) did you get home okay?" according to court record that the 7NEWS first reported on April 13. Monge's father read the text and had Forbes meet with him and police.

Asked by 7NEWS Reporter Marc Stewart if he killed Monge, Forbes replied, "No." He also denied any knowledge of the teen's disappearance.

Forbes Steals Panties From Homes

When he was 17, Forbes broke into 16 Fort Collins homes and businesses, stealing more than $15,000 in cash and property, according to court records obtained by the newspaper.

When police searched his room, they found several pairs of women's underpants, including three belonging to a woman whose first name started with an M. Two of the white panties had an "M" written in marker that the woman had not inked and a 1½-inch rip in them, the newspaper reported.

Hit Woman In Head With Rock

On July 17, 2004, Forbes was arrested for hitting a female jogger in the head with a rock as she ran with a friend in a Highlands Ranch neighborhood, according to Douglas County Sheriff's Office records.

The victim, Allison Biever, wrote in a statement to deputies that she and her friend ran by a man standing with a woman by a car, and suddenly she felt a painfully stinging sensation in the back of her head.

The joggers turned and saw the man throwing rocks at them, a deputy's report said.

When the women confronted him, Forbes yelled obscenities.

"What are you going to do, you stupid (expletive)," Forbes said, the report said.

Olga Kaydanov, the woman with Forbes, said: "He is not normally like this. Just when he gets drunk, he acts different," according to report.

Forbes told the deputy he was kicking rocks and one accidentally hit the woman's leg.

In a plea agreement, the district attorney dismissed an assault charge and Forbes pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of harassment involving physical force, according to court records. He was sentenced to 30 days in jail and 12 months supervised probation, including receiving alcohol evaluation and treatment.

Police Searched Forbes' Workplace

Police have focused on Forbes, searching his Denver workplace, Deby's Bakery and Cafe, and his white van, according to a search warrant affidavit.

The bakery owner, Monica Poole, told police that she found the security system turned off. The owner said the video showed Forbes turning the security camera off on the evening of April 1, the affidavit said. The owner said he was wearing what appeared to be a latex glove up to his elbow.

An employee of a neighboring business told police that he saw two or three men standing behind the bakery on the night of April 1, burning materials in a 55-gallon barrel, the affidavit said. The employee said a white cargo van was parked by the men in such a way that it blocked his view.

Police took a yellow rubber glove and a metal barrel into evidence, the warrant stated.

The officer who filed the search warrant termed the investigation a "very suspicious missing persons case."

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