Man Warns About Flower Scam

Phony Florists Takes An Extra Cut Of Bouquets

Ray Fahey ordered flowers for his wife, but when the flowers arrived, his wife was less than impressed.

Fahey ordered a special, expensive bouquet and like he had done a dozen times before, he called information for 1-800-Flowers.

He was suspicious when they didn't identify themselves, they just said hello.

Ray asked if he had reached the correct number and questioned why they didn't have his information on file from previous orders. Against his gut feeling, he went through with the order.

When he got home, he was shocked.

"Well, that doesn't look like $150 worth of flowers to me, in fact, it looked more like $50 or $60."

Michael Fehringer from Bloomin' Bee Flowers said that sometimes happens. In the business, they call it a phony florist scam.

Bloomin' Bee filled the order for Ray's wife, but by the time they'd received the order, several agencies had taken a cut ultimately cutting flowers from the bouquet.

Fehringer said, "They'll collect the order, take fee. It goes through one of the wire services who takes their fee out of it and whatever's left over goes to the real florist. There are two cuts that can come out of it before the actual flower shop gets the order."

Then, florists have to take their delivery fees out of that and finally, fill the order. Fahey said from now on, he only orders direct from the florist.

For advice on avoiding flower mistakes, visit Bloomin Bee for dos and don'ts.

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