Man Shot By Friend Makes Speedy Recovery

Man Says Shooting Was "An Accident"

A 23-year-old man who was shot in the head three days ago said he is doing fine.

Sean Hakes was shot by one of his own friends. Hakes said the shooting was just an accident.

Hakes was hit with double buckshot ranging in size of a quarter inch to a half-inch. The shot could have killed him but fortunately it didn't.

Hakes said he didn't feel any pain, just numbness.

"Next thing I know everything went black and I heard a loud ringing noise," said Hakes.

He said he was camping in Poudre Canyon last weekend with five friends. Hakes said Saturday morning they decided to do some target practice and one of his friends shot off a round of buckshot at a tree not realizing that Hakes was behind it.

"The impact hit the scull hard enough that it bruised part of my brain. That's the part where they said I may or may not get all my vision back," said Hakes.

"I was really panicking because I didn't even get the word from him. I was the last one to know," said Jennifer Gisler, Hakes' girlfriend.

Gisler said she is surprised how quickly Hakes recovered.

"All it is is just a line of stitches," said Hakes.

Hakes' friend, Marc Givan, is facing possible charges of second-degree assault and reckless endangerment because of the shooting.

"I don't have any hard feelings toward him at all," said Hakes. "I feel more bad for him than I do myself right now."

Hakes said he is grateful to be alive.

"It puts a whole new aspect on living, that's for sure, because it shows you how quick lights could be out for anyone," said Hakes.

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