Man Serving Life For Murder Linked To 3rd Woman's Death

Roy Melanson Named A Suspect In La. Woman's Slaying

Louisiana sheriff's deputies say they have linked a 73-year-old career criminal serving a life sentenced in a Colorado prison to the death of a 24-year-old Louisiana woman 22 years ago.

The Livingston Advocate newspaper reported that Roy Allen Melanson, who is serving time at the Fort Lyon's Correctional Facility in Fort Lyons, Colo., was linked by DNA evidence to the slaying of Charlotte Lily Sauerwin, of Walker, La., on Aug. 6, 1988.

Deputies said that Sauerwin's throat was slit and she was strangled.

Authorities issued an arrest warrant Wednesday for Melanson on counts of first-degree murder and armed robbery.

Melanson was sentenced to life in prison in Colorado in 1993 in connection with the 1974 slaying of Michele Wallace in Gunnison County.

Last January, Melanson was named as a suspect in the 1974 murder of Anita Andrews of Napa, Calif. Investigators said they linked Melanson to the crime by DNA evidence, but they have not charged him. Melanson denied ever being in Napa.

Andrews was killed two months before Wallace disappeared.

The Napa Valley Register compiled a timeline of Melanson's life, showing his many run-ins with the law. The timeline was part of a story called "Violent Journey," which chronicled Melanson's life of crime.