Man Charged With Impersonating Firefighter In High Park Fire Area

Michael Maher Allegedly Had Stolen Plates, Firearm In Car

With Deputies on watch for any looters attempting to take advantage of people that evacuated their homes due to the fire danger, officers said they arrested a man Saturday night after he was spotted by fire personnel driving a vehicle with government plates, with firefighter type of equipment inside his car and was reporting to be involved to be in the fire.

Michael Stillman Maher, 30, was charged with obstructing police and fire operations, impersonating police and fire personnel, theft, attempt to influence a public servant and display of stolen plates, said Larimer County spokesman Justin Smith.

Maher, appeared to have some fake firefighter credentials and was driving a silver Toyota Tacoma with a government license plate and lettering on the window, said Larimer County spokesman John Schulz.

Maher was last seen around 10:30 p.m. Saturday night until deputies caught up with him later that night in a Laporte bar.

The government license plate on Maher's Toyora Tacoma turned out to be stolen from the Glenwood Springs area and there was stolen property in the vehicle as well as a firearm. Schulz said.

The vehicle was registered in his name.

Maher is being held in at the Larimer County Jail pending setting of bond.

“We have extra roving patrols to watch for looters,” Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith said at a Sunday morning briefing.

Smith said law enforcement officials have encountered some people in evacuated areas that should not have been there.

“If someone’s sneaking around back there, we’ll find them,” Smith said.

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