Man Charged With 2nd-Degree Murder In Dismembered Body Case

Berry Charged With Second-Degree Murder

A 20-year-old Montezuma County man has been formally charged with second-degree murder after authorities found a dismembered body believed to be his father.

District Attorney Jim Wilson said Wednesday that prosecutors suspect Jeremiah R. Berry killed his father, 42-year-old Jack Berry.

Investigators found body parts in at least three locations late last month. Some were encased in two buckets of concrete. The concrete was then run through a hospital CT scan machine, which revealed body parts inside.

The parts were scattered across Montezuma County and a cadaver dog is being used to help look for additional body parts.

Investigators have not said whether the dismembered body is the elder Berry but said the body parts belong to a man.

Jeremiah Berry is being held under $500,000 bail. His next court appearance is scheduled for June 20.

"We expect an interesting (preliminary) hearing," District Attorney Jim Wilson told the Cortez Journal.

He said the preliminary hearing would take two to three hours because of the many details and complexities in the case.

Rita Berry -- the mother of Jeremiah and ex-wife of Jack Berry -- said her son isn't a criminal or a serial killer.

County Judge Todd Plewe has agreed to unseal some procedural documents and court orders after the Cortez Journal filed a motion seeking their release.

A gag order remains in effect in the case.

Cortez is about 250 miles southwest of Denver.

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