Man Arrested In Metal Sheep Theft From Restaurant

Moises Rodriguez Fernandez Accused Of Taking Decor From White Fence Farm

A tip from a metal recycling facility led to the arrest of the man suspected of taking two metal sheep from the White Fence Farm restaurant, police said.

The sheep were stolen on July 6 from outside the restaurant in Lakewood.

The sheep had been outside the restaurant in a farm-like setting for decades, according to restaurant owner Charlie Wilson.

Workers at a metal recycling plant told officers a man came in with the sheep, but they had been cut up, police said. The workers told the man they wouldn't take the metal.

The workers remembered the story about the sheep being stolen so they wrote down the license plate of the vehicle the man was driving, officers said.

Investigators said they tracked the license plate to Moises Rodriguez Fernandez, 28, of Denver, and arrested him on suspicion of theft, theft by receiving and false reporting.

Neither the sheep nor the metal have been recovered.

While the sheep cost about $10,000 each, the metal content would have only been worth about $100, police said.

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