Longmont Takes Aggressive Action To Warn Of Flood Risk

City Officials To Visit Hundreds Of Addresses

The city of Longmont is aggressively warning residents and business owners of the flood risk.

Inside the Left Hand Brewing Company in Longmont, there could be bigger worries than their beer.

In their backyard, along the St. Vrain River, there's the potential for epic flooding, 100 years in the making.

"Hopefully it won't get to that point," said bartender Joshua Goldberg.

City officials say the melting mountain snow is the part of the danger.

"If you get a nice heavy storm that sits for a couple hours, that's when you really get concerned," said emergency manager Dan Eamon.

Over the next few days, special flood teams will visit 850 addresses in Longmont, including the brewery.

Homes and businesses will be signed up to get special alerts.

"We're going to try to inform people they are in the flood plain, try to give them a little bit of basic information," said Eamon.

Hoping the conditions are on their side, the brewery is keeping an eye on the suds and the stream.

"I think we're certainly confident with our location here. I think what we'll probably have to do is hope for the best for the folks up in Lyons and those upstream where it might get hit a little harder," said Goldberg.

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