Youth basketball team loses sports equipment in a van fire while on way to out-of-state tournament

Posted at 5:29 PM, Jul 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-20 20:48:53-04

DENVER -- On Wednesday morning, Jeanna Scott says she got a terrifying call from her son telling her that he had to escape a van engulfed in flames.

“He was asleep and had to hurry up and wake up and get out of the van,” said Jeanna Scott.

Scott’s son, along with 11 other teammates, had to escape the burning van while en route to Las Vegas for a basketball tournament.  

“As a mother, I could have been getting a really different call at that time. I just praise God that wasn't the call I got,” said Scott.

Her son plays for Colorado Wild, which is a nonprofit youth basketball team. Scott says she is grateful her son gets to come home despite losing everything else. 

“He had lost all of his belongings -- everything he had was in the van,” said Scott.

Colorado Wild's coach tells Denver7 players from different age groups were borrowing gear to play on games Thursday. The team fundraises year-round to help pay for expenses.

Scott says the things her son lost in the fire amounted to about $1,000 in value.

In the meantime, the team's coach is helping pay for some of the players’ expenses to help them to stay focused on the game.

If you would like to help Colorado Wild, click here.

Denver7 put the team in touch with A Precious Child, a nonprofit that provides new and gently used sports equipment.