Young entrepreneur from Boulder expands lemonade stand to four markets

BOULDER, Colo. - A 9-year-old boy from Boulder County is expanding his lemonade business and allowing other families to run his businesses for a cut of the profit.

Jack Bonneau started his stand in a quest to buy an expensive toy.

"The way I started was, I wanted the LEGO Death Star which costs $400," Jack said. “I asked my dad If I could get it and he said, yeah you can totally get it, but I'd have to pay for it."

Bonneau, not one to turn down a challenge, took it upon himself to start a lemonade stand.

"I knew a lemonade stand at the end of my street would take forever to gain $400. So, I started at the Farmer's Market," said Jack.

Jack’s father, Steve Bonneau, helped him on his quest to sell lemonade. They built a stand and began selling lemonade. After 12 weeks at the farmers market, Jack had raised $2,000 in revenue. After all of his costs, Jack had earned $900. Jack earned his LEGO Death Star.

That was in 2014.

Through the winter, Jack and his father decided to open up several other stands but to allow other kids and their families to be involved. "Jack’s Stands" was then born.

Their website,, allows people to sign up at one of four locations.

"At, you can sign up and run your own lemonade stand in a farmers market in Erie, Lafayette and Louisville," Jack said.

"Parents have signed up,” said Steve Bonneau. “Many of the kids have signed up multiple times. Again, it's quality time with the kids. They're learning about social skills, confidence, earning some money at the end and having fun."

The website is so popular, reservations to run the lemonade stand have been pushed back into 2016.

Jack continues to make new goals for himself each year. In 2016, Jack and his father hope to expand their business to 12 lemonade stands. Eventually, they hope to affiliate with Newman’s Own Lemonade, the drink they serve.

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