Xcel crews spend four days looking for gas line leak impacting about 200 homes

Gas meters of affected customers must be replaced

DENVER - Xcel Energy crews have spent about four days dismantling a series of pipes, looking for a leak that is letting water into the natural gas system and disrupting service to about 200 homes in Denver.

Xcel spokesman Mark Stutz said the first complaints about loss of gas service were received on Saturday morning. Later that day, Xcel determined water was the issue after a crew detached a home's gas meter and saw water pour out.

Since then, crews have dismantled pipe after pipe, draining out the water and trying to determine how the water got into the system. The affected pipes are in the area bounded on the north by 12th Ave., 6th Ave. to the south, Fairfax St. to the west and Holly to the east.

Stutz said most gas meters of affected customers will need to be replaced, because of the water that got inside. Appliances, he said, should have been protected by built-in safety measures.


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