Woman receives '85 in 45' photo radar ticket showing people in her stolen car

DENVER - A Denver woman just got a photo radar ticket for going 85 miles per hour in a 45 mph zone, and could not be more excited.

Melissa Gonzales woke up and found her 2014 Ford Explorer was stolen from outside her Highlands home on August 27. She just got a photo radar ticket in the mail showing four people in her car, going nearly twice the speed limit.

"I was really excited, actually, when I saw the envelope because I know that they have pictures," said Gonzales. "I was curious to see who was driving the car, what they looked like. They're extremely happy in the photos, so that upset me a little bit."

Whoever took her car has been leaving breadcrumbs all over the metro area.

Gonzales also just got a notice in the mail about not paying a parking ticket from Sept. 8.

Her car's license plate was ticketed for parking in a tow away zone. The ticket was $50, but the notice let her know it is now $100. It also said let her know the vehicle was ticketed in the 1300 block of Lowell Boulevard.

"I really thought the car would be there, for whatever reason. I just felt that the car was there, but it wasn't there," said Gonzales.

That was the first of three clues. The photo radar ticket was snapped on Sept. 15. She also received a bill for using E-470 on Sept. 26. The charge was for $9.20 charge for getting off and on at Smoky Hill Road in east Aurora.

"Almost like they want to be found," said Gonzales.

The photo radar ticket is the only one showing who was in her stolen car.

"My first thought was that I could share the pictures on Facebook and send it to all my family and friends in hopes of them sharing it and finding whoever stole it," said Gonzales. "It's a clear picture, so I'm hoping that they'll be recognized. I'm almost hesitant to have them put on blast because I don't want them to run away from the car and go in the opposite direction, but I really am hoping somebody will recognize them."

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