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Without the crowds, Broncos fans struggle to keep their traditions alive

Posted at 6:01 PM, Sep 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-28 08:09:58-04

DENVER — Traditions are traditions, even amid a global pandemic. But for Broncos fans, the struggle to keep those traditions alive comes with difficulties in 2020.

Only 5,700 fans were allowed inside Empower Stadium, a building that normally seats more than 67,000. Still the ticket-holders did their best to keep their spirits high.

"It is weird. It's very eerie. It does not seem like a normal game day at all," said one fan. "I am super excited to be at the game, but I am a little bummed that everyone who could possibly be here isn’t here."

This year, rules and guidelines have replaced the usual fanfare. Fans were allowed to enter in socially distanced groups called pods. Also, in the parking lots, tailgating is banned.

"We would have our grill going, we would be playing catch. Our kids would probably be here playing catch with us," said another fan. "It would be everyone screaming yelling the stampede would be out here."

But even with the regulations, fans say they are happy to be back cheering on their favorite team.

"I love the energy of the games," one person said. "There is not as much today. But we take what we can get. Just really excited to see the broncos live."