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Whole Foods is cutting its prices, but is it still much more expensive than other local grocers?

Comparing Whole Foods to other major chains
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Posted at 8:12 AM, Apr 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-03 14:16:30-04

On Wednesday, Whole Foods shoppers will notice some new, lower price tags on hundreds of items.

Amazon and Whole Foods announced plans to slash prices by 20 percent on 500 items, and offer twice as many monthly discounts to Amazon Prime members. The specific items were not announced but in a news release, Whole Foods said there will be an emphasis on high-quality, peak-of-season produce, including greens, tomatoes, tropical fruits and more.

This is the third round of price cuts since Amazon bought Whole Foods in 2017. Denver7 wanted to see how current prices at Whole Foods compare to the top grocers in the Denver area: King Soopers and Walmart.

Here's a sampling of items of similar sizes and brands from the three stores:

  • Organic eggs: Whole Foods: $4.99 for a dozen | Walmart: $3.63 for 18 | King Soopers: $3.99 for 18
  • Orange juice: Whole Foods: $4.49 | Walmart: $2.98 | King Soopers: $2.99
  • Honey Nut Cheerios: Whole Foods: $3.19 | $3.19 Walmart: $2.74 | King Soopers: $2.99
  • Corn flakes: Whole Foods (store brand): $3.99 | Walmart (Kellogg's): $2.98 | King Soopers (generic): $1.79
  • Frozen waffles: Whole Foods: $2.99 (sale price) | Walmart: $2.08 | King Soopers: $2.59
  • Spaghetti: Whole Foods: $1.69 | Walmart: $0.82 | King Soopers: $1.49
  • Apples: Whole Foods: $1.99/lb | Walmart: $1.47/lb | King Soopers: $1.99/lb
  • Organic baby carrots: Whole Foods: $1.69 bag | Walmart: $1.96 | King Soopers: $2.99
  • French's mustard: Whole Foods: $2.99 | Walmart: $1.42 | King Soopers: $2.19
  • Bottled water: Whole Foods: $2.49/12pk | Walmart: $2.68/24pk | King Soopers: $2.99/32pk
  • Coors Light 12-pack: Whole Foods: $10.99 | Walmart: $12.47 | King Soopers: $10.99
  • Macaroni and cheese: Whole Foods: $1.99/box | Walmart: $0.98 | King Soopers: $1
  • Newman's Own Salad Dressing: Whole Foods: $4.39 | Walmart: $2.88 | King Soopers: $3.69
  • No-antibiotic chicken (whole chicken): Whole Foods: $1.79/lb (with new price cut) | Walmart: $1.58/lb | King Soopers: $2.99/lb

Denver7 found you can stick to a budget at Whole Foods by buying discounted items and opting for the Whole Foods 365 store brand products. Whole Foods offered also offered competitive prices in the produce department. However for specific popular brands, King Soopers and Walmart often have much lower prices — for example, items like French's Mustard and Newman's Own Salad dressing had a higher price tag at Whole Foods.