Who is that eccentric, iconic cycling fan with the moose antlers at the USA Pro Challenge?

MONARCH PASS, Colo. - "I love my taxidermist," says a man sometimes called "The Raging Stag," "Moose-man," or "Antler Man."

It is a rare sentiment from a man with an even rarer claim to fame.

During the four years of the annual USA Pro Challenge in Colorado, and in the Tour De France before that, the aircraft mechanic from Seattle wears costumes including animal horns or antlers. It is a tradition of eccentric -- and now, iconic-- fandom that began in 2002.

During a single stage of the 2014, Dore Holte wore both moose antlers and ram horns. He often customizes his attire for the local audience, this time incorporating a CSU Rams football jersey.

"I bring locality in regards to the pig skin and tie it in," he said.

The Raging Stag never declines a photo and has become a mystical sort of character on the course of the biggest cycling races. He often finds the toughest part of the stage, the steepest grade, and cheers wildly for the peloton.

"I'm just a fan to witness these guys who are my heroes, who aspire to climb mountains," he said. "I don't know if I spark them, but it's been a good ride for me."

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