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What to do on Valentine's Day if you hate Valentine's Day

Posted at 10:56 PM, Feb 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-14 01:08:15-05

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DENVER -- Some of us love to go out on Valentine's Day. Plenty of us don't. It's too busy, too loud, too crowded.

So, we set out on a mission to find ways for even the haters to love going out on February 14.

Let's face it, cupid's big cameo is too often an epic fail. So, Denver's White Pie has teamed with a heavy-metal brewery to create a special Anti-Valentine's Day menu.

"A lot of our food is inspired by Trve Brewing and their beers," said Kris Wallenta, White Pie co-owner and chef. "Not romantic, definitely dark and intense and black, so we have a menu inspired by that with a lot of black items."  Think broken-heart burrata, black pie, and "I hate you" chocolate mousse.

If you have the idea of celebrating Valentine's with (or without) a significant other, this year, try Galentine's, for all the single ladies.  At Marcella's Denver, 1801 Central St, they are offering a $40-per-person Galentine's sharing program, with their most popular menu items.

"You just want to get together and have a good time," said Dain Cooke, Marcella's Denver general manager. "So, that way you're not left out. You're not sitting at your house."

If you'd rather have something simple and sweet, Little Man Ice Cream has special Valentine's-themed flights of love, four heart-themed flavors that won't break the bank.  "We know this is a lovely option for the family. It's a cheap and cheerful way of spending your Valentine's Day."