VIDEO: Was John Hickenlooper's chief of staff Roxane White caught on camera making obscene gesture?

DENVER - The governor's chief of staff was caught on camera making what appeared to be a lewd gesture at another supporter during John Hickenlooper's victory speech Wednesday morning.

Hickenlooper was thanking multiple people during his speech when he said, "And Roxane White."

Just her name was enough to inspire the crowd to a lengthy applause.

After about 24 seconds of clapping, a person among Hickenlooper's staffers made a comment off-camera. The group then erupts in laughter and Hickenlooper is seen on some camera angles turning toward the person and laughing.

However, White is seen on camera, laughing and giving the other staffer two middle fingers.

After the gesture, which it appears Hickenlooper did not see, Hickenlooper's campaign strategist, Alan Salazar, who is across the room from White, makes a gesture toward her that appears to be him blowing a kiss.

Hickenlooper apparently didn't see that hand gesture either,  continued on, saying, "Just so we're clear, Roxanne's worked with me for almost 12 years. She's going to leave in the next week or so and go out into a brave new world and do incredible things out there."

A minute later, Hickenlooper, likely still unaware of the gestures behind him, said, "She is fierce indeed, but also loving and brilliant."

7NEWS asked White about the incident, but she has not responded.

Hickenlooper's speech was shown live on all the local Denver TV stations, including 7NEWS.

White, who has worked as Hickenlooper's chief of staff since 2009 when he was the mayor of Denver, will leave Hickenlooper's staff to become CEO of the Nurse-Family Partnership National Service Office.

She created and chaired Denver’s Road Home, then-Mayor Hickenlooper’s signature 10-year plan to end homelessness in the city. She was also manager of the Denver Department of Human Services from 2003 to 2008. In 2009, she was appointed Mayor Hickenlooper’s chief of staff and continued in that role after Hickenlooper became governor.

White was ranked the fourth most powerful person in Colorado by 5280 Magazine and the state’s third most powerful woman by Denver Post in 2012, according to her bio on the governor’s official website.

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