VIDEO: Daring athlete slacklines over Mt. Evans

Posted at 4:45 PM, Aug 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-09 18:53:26-04

MT. EVANS, Colo. -- A group of Colorado slackline enthusiasts were caught on camera as they attempted a risky feat called highline slacklining. 

Ernest Campos pulled out his camera Sunday to start recording when he saw Davis Oliver Dailey walking across Mt. Evans, surprised by what he saw. 

Dailey said many people are surprised and even sometimes scared for the athletes as they tiptoe across the line, perched between two peaks. He also said they have nothing to be scared about.

Although highline slacklining can be a dangerous sport at times, Dailey said it is safer overall than slacklining closer to the ground.

"There is an inherent risk but we're very experienced at what we do, and it's quite safe when it comes down to it when you do it correctly," Dailey said. 

Dailey is part of the leadership of Rocky Mountain Slackline Crew, a group based out of Fort Collins that runs events for slackline enthusiasts, corporate offices and more. Dailey said in their downtime, they like to practice in high-up locations while attached to a harness. 

"We fall all the time," Dailey said with a laugh, noting the harness and years of experience is what makes the sport fun and safe. 

For anybody who wants to get involved in slacklining, even at a lower level, Dailey recommended getting involved in community groups -- starting on Facebook. 

"Colorado is like a Mecca for slacklining," Dailey said. 




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