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Vandals hit small businesses already struggling with the fallout from COVID-19 restrictions

Posted at 4:44 PM, Nov 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-10 20:59:51-05

DENVER -- It's already been a difficult year for small businesses as they navigate COVID-19 restrictions, then vandals defaced their property.

"That’s the thing that’s hard to understand," said Jesi Cisney, owner of Sway Salon.

Graffiti is visible on several businesses in the South Broadway area, including the windows of Sway Salon. Cisney has tried to remove the paint and even brought in a professional window washer but it won't come off.

"We thought at first it’s just kind of an annoyance. You think you have to try to scrape it off and whatever, but in doing that we quickly realized that it had etched into the glass," said Cisney.

She said it appears the vandals used acid to etch the graffiti into the glass so the windows need to be replaced. The salon was shutdown for nearly two months due to COVID-19 restrictions and Cisney doesn't know if she can afford new windows at this time.

"It’s hard I don’t think a lot of small business has that kind of money to throw out windows or the deductible for it," said Cisney.