UPS, FedEx & USPS warn of holiday phishing scams hackers are using to get your personal information

DENVER - Hackers are trying to put the "Humbug" in the holiday season.

Beware of "phishing" email that warns of a failed package delivery. The scam could be disguised as an email from UPS, FedEx or the United States Postal Service.

The email suggests you have a package waiting for you, but the delivery failed. It asks you to click on a link to print a new invoice so you can collect your package.

"When that happens, it drops an executable on your computer that allows the bad hackers to be able to pull off anything off of your computer that they want, as if they were sitting behind the keyboard to do it," said cyber security expert Charles Tendell. "If it's on your computer, then they own it at that point."

They could access could be saved passwords on your computer or even monitor your keystrokes to login to your bank and credit card accounts.

"On average, three out of five home computers have been hacked in the past by a method similar to this," said Tendell. "And the other two just don't know it's happened."

He said if you're concerned it might be a real, try replying to the email. Most companies will have an automatic reply letting you know that the email address you replied to is not monitored.

"If you send an email and you get a human response back, it's likely a scam," said Tendell.

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