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Unusually warm Super Bowl Sunday giving way to drizzle, snow

40 degree temperature drop expected
Posted at 11:00 PM, Feb 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-03 01:00:23-05

DENVER -- The Mile High City reached a high of 74 degrees on Sunday.

Major Parks all across metro Denver were packed, as outdoor enthusiasts doffed their shirts to soak up the sun and play ball.

"It's beautiful," said Lexi Armstrong. "Super Bowl Sunday, 70+ degrees. You can't beat that in the middle of winter."

"It's pretty remarkable for February," said Richard Oneslager. "We walk here (in Wash Park) every Sunday and it's as busy as I've seen the park in about five months."

But a big change is on the way.

Warm dry pavement will turn wet a few hours after midnight, as cold drizzle begins to fall.

By the evening rush hour we could see snow.

CDOT is taking a wait and see approach about pre-treating highways.

"We expect the Denver metro area to see more of an impact during the evening rush hour commute," said Stacia Sellers, CDOT's communications manager. "We encourage motorists to consider leaving work early in the afternoon if they have that ability to do so, or if they can work from home, that would be probably best as well, just because we do anticipate snow pack and icy conditions during that afternoon commute home."

Sellers also said the chain law and traction law may be in effect for the mountain corridor.

She said it's a good reminder that drivers should leave extra space between them and the driver in front of them, in case either car starts to slide on the ice.