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Unnamed CSP trooper rescues newborn puppy from outside Trinidad office

Posted at 12:36 PM, Feb 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-08 14:46:39-05

TRINIDAD, Colo. -- An abandoned newborn puppy is thriving in foster care after a Colorado State Patrol trooper rescued it from outside the CSP office in Trinidad.

According to Noah's Ark Animal Welfare, an unnamed trooper heard the puppy crying and found it outside the CSP office with no sign of its mother or any other dogs nearby.

The puppy's eyes were closed and its umbilical cord was still attached, meaning it was likely only a few hours old.

The trooper took the dog to Fisher's Peak Veterinary Clinic, where staff checked the puppy out and then worked with Noah's Ark to find the puppy a home with a foster parent volunteer, Teresa Clark.

To honor the trooper who found the pup, Clark decided to name the puppy Trooper.

"The state patrol trooper who found him is an unsung hero. He or she rescued this puppy in a remarkable way," said Noah's Ark Executive Director Laurel Young. "In all the hurry to help the newborn the day he was found, unfortunately no one got the name of the officer who rescued him. We would love the opportunity to know the name of his rescuer to say thank you and recognize their good work at giving Trooper a very good chance at life."

It's not clear what kind of dog Trooper is; the staff at Noah's Ark said he was bigger than most puppies when he was born and he may be some kind of mix - staff members' best guesses include Mastiff, Anatolian and Great Pyrenes. 

Trooper is doing well; the staff at Noah's Ark say he's eating, gaining weight and learning how to walk.

Trooper will remain in foster care for the time being but eventually, he will be put up for adoption.