Univ. of Phoenix closing Colorado locations in Aurora, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, Pueblo

University says students taking online classes

DENVER - One week after the University of Phoenix announced it was freezing tuition, the university announced it is closing 115 locations across the country.

In Colorado, five locations are closing.

However, officials stressed that the campuses that are being closed will remain open until current students finish their degrees. Those locations will no longer enroll new students who want to go to class in a classroom, according to Ryan Rauzon, spokesman for the University of Phoenix.

"Students who go to classes will go to classrooms until they graduate," said Rauzon.

The locations that will be closing are The Streets of SouthGlenn mall in Centennial and Southlands Mall in Aurora along with locations in Fort Collins, Colorado Springs and Pueblo. There are two locations in Colorado Springs. The location on Mark Dabling will close, but those students will be able to take classes at the South Circle Drive location.

"The ones that will be phased out, the demand isn't there," said Rauzon.

Rauzon said the large Lone Tree campus and the learning center in Westminster will continue to operate classrooms indefinitely.

Rauzon said more students are taking classes online and not in classrooms.

The University of Phoenix is a for-profit school that offers associate, bachelor's, master's and doctoral degree programs.

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